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The Campo MSW landfill and Recycling facility is located on the Campo Indian Reservation in San Diego County (see map). The landfill has a footprint of 400 acres and is sited at the southern end of the 16,000 acre Reservation. The facility is tribally owned and operated through the tribal development corporation Muht Hei, Inc. A management agreement to assist with the operations has been negotiated with BLT, Inc.

The Campo Landfill is designed for a maximum of 40 million cubic yards of non-hazardous municipal solid waste. It is designed to meet or exceed the State of California MSW facility standards. Recycling and composting are currently in the planning stages.

Current operations include development of the groundwater monitoring program and Section 7 consultation with the Fish and Wildlife Service to avoid impacts to the endangered Quino Checkerspot Butterfly.


(updated January 11, 2007)

The Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement should be available for public review in March of 2007.